Crackles of Static …

Tune in on sunday to hear the very first play of our brand new track ‘Static’ from 8pm on Absolute Radio. The track will be released next month as the b-side to our new single. All will become clear very soon…
Geoff Lloyd – Absolute Radio

Mark Reeder – Five Point One

Mark Reeder is a name few of you may be familiar with but has been a driving force beneath many sides of music for the last 35 years.

Hailing from Manchester, Mark formed a punk band in 1977 with Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall before moving to Berlin where he is now based. In the early 80’s he became Factory Records German representative in Berlin and also hosted a Berlin special of ‘The Tube’. During the 90’s Mark was at the forefront of Trance movement, playing a large part in the success of Paul Van Dyk.

This year sees the release of his new album “Five Point One”, a remix album created solely for the tech savvy 5.1 surround system, bringing a new listening experience to the listener. The album features Mark’s remixes of the likes of Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys and Bad Lieutenant. Also included on the album is Mark’s remix of our latest single “The Prisoner” which can be heard on the link below.

The album will be released in mid October on Kennen.
More info can be found here

September 2011 Playlist

This month’s playlist is dedicated to film and TV soundtracks that have inspired us over the past few years. Some of these films are masterpieces but they wouldn’t be what they are without the music that was written to accompany them.

Theme – Barry Vorzon (‘The Warriors’)
The Duke Arrives / Barricade – John Carpenter (‘Escape From New-York’)
Theme – David Shire (‘The Conversation’)
Dead Bodies – Air (‘Virgin Suicide’)
Theme – Wendy Carlos (‘The Shining’)
Chase – Giorgio Moroder (‘Midnight Express’)
Crockett’s Theme – Jan Hammer (‘Miami Vice’)
Theme – Angelo Badalamenti (‘Twin Peaks’)
Originale – Goblin (‘Suspiria’)
Main Title – John Carpenter (‘Halloween’)
The Son of Flynn – Daft Punk (‘TRON: Legacy’)
Camille – George Delerue (‘Contempt’)

Cam x

Road to Germany

Our good friend and awesome photographer Manox (Sebastian Matthes) rode along to Hamburg with us last week. Check out his photos from the trip here and while you’re at it have a look at the rest of his blog. Some good stuff
Manox Blog

August 2011 Playlist

Here’s a selection of tracks I’ve been listening to over the past couple of weeks:

Forever Young (Extended Afro Mix) – Joakim
Paradise Engineering – YACHT
Cop Killer – John Maus
Without You – Art Department
Collapsing New People – Fad Gadget
Oh Malheur Chez O’Malley – S├ębastien Tellier
So-Called Party Over There – Gonzales
A Land For Renegades – Zombie Zombie
Used To – Wire
Beija Me – Arto Lindsay

We have some news coming very soon so watch this space.

Cam x

Beacons & Dockville

We’re out of the basement this weekend to play a couple of very special gigs at 2 exciting looking festivals.
First off on Friday we play Beacons Festival in Skipton, the line-up looks amazing we just wish we had the time to hang around and see everyone as we’ve got to dash straight off to make our next date in Hamburg. It looks like we’re set to miss Factory Floor, D/R/U/G/S & Tom Vek. God Damn.

While you guys watch that we’ll be en route to Germany to play there on Sunday. We play just before Zola Jesus & Gold Panda so it’s looking like it could get pretty messy thats if the Reeperbahn doesn’t get us first. Both festivals look amazing & we should have some T-shirts & cds on the merch stall at Dockville, so if your around go grab yourself some.

In other news we’ve finished the recording process on the album and so now we move on to the mixing and production stage, another step closer to the goal, 14 songs in the bag. Thanks to everyone for their interest and encouragement it’ll be worth the wait we promise.



I like 2 things, Perry and Perry. The first is a delicious alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears. The second is my new obsession, Grayson Perry, if you’re in Manchester go and see this at the Manchester Art Gallery, if not, find.
He is an inspiration for those who need it.


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