September 2011 Playlist

This month’s playlist is dedicated to film and TV soundtracks that have inspired us over the past few years. Some of these films are masterpieces but they wouldn’t be what they are without the music that was written to accompany them.

Theme – Barry Vorzon (‘The Warriors’)
The Duke Arrives / Barricade – John Carpenter (‘Escape From New-York’)
Theme – David Shire (‘The Conversation’)
Dead Bodies – Air (‘Virgin Suicide’)
Theme – Wendy Carlos (‘The Shining’)
Chase – Giorgio Moroder (‘Midnight Express’)
Crockett’s Theme – Jan Hammer (‘Miami Vice’)
Theme – Angelo Badalamenti (‘Twin Peaks’)
Originale – Goblin (‘Suspiria’)
Main Title – John Carpenter (‘Halloween’)
The Son of Flynn – Daft Punk (‘TRON: Legacy’)
Camille – George Delerue (‘Contempt’)

Cam x

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