A change of plans

So now it would appear only part of our last post is true.. Firstly we will not be performing live with Cut Copy anymore. Something about the stage not being big enough for the both of us….. ourselves and Now Wave would like to apologise for anyone hoping to catch us at this event, but we’re still DJ’ing in between bands and its STILL going to be a great night. Plus it had sold out before we were announced on the bill, so let’s face it you’re all going for your DFA fix anyhow!

We are still touring, later in the month and we will still be heading over the water to France for a week with the Go Team on Les Inrocks tour. However no tour plans seem to go smoothly and sadly we have had to postpone our trip to Germany until later in the year. You see the thing is we kinda have a thing for Hercules and Love Affair, we’ve been playing cuts from their new album all over our DJ sets lately and getting very excited over their NYC house vibes.. So ya know when their people call up and ask us if we want to go on tour with them round the UK that’s not something we can turn down. Sorry Germany we feel we’re cheating on you, we hope you’ll take us back like a disgraced lover later this year when the sun’s shining and we’ve got a brand new single to play out. It will be like nothing ever happened. Seriously though thanks for all your emails asking about where to get tickets. This has been a tough decision to make but opportunities like this don’t come up too often for us in the UK and we feel we’ve not seen much of our small island in recent months. Stay posted on here and we’ll let you know when we confirm the re-scheduled tour with the promoters as soon as we know. (Its probably going to be late Mai early Juni!)

Anyhow for all our UK fans check out our Live page for updates on where we’re headed with Hercules and Love Affair. If anyone’s not heard their new stuff where the hell have you been? Check out the video for the very sexy My house here >>>> VIDEO LINK The tour starts for us next Thursday on the 10th in Brighton and ends on the 18th for a home coming gig at Fac251 in Manchester. Get tickets here >> TICKETS

See you soon

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