Getting our fix in Brighton..

Once rolling onto England’s South coast for the 2nd time in as many weeks we found ourselves with some major time to burn. Perfect chance for a spot of record shopping! It’s always worth delving in and finding new listening material for the van rides and whilst Tinnie Tempah’s crew went about blowing the dust out of the system in soundcheck we took our sweet time to explore what Brighton had to offer.

Borderline records was the cream of the crop, literally never seen such a well stocked Krautrock/Psychedelia section..completely spoilt for choice but ended up settling on this……


Could easily be marketed as “Now Thats What I call Krautrock” but for obvious reasons Soul Jazz opted for the more conservative “Deutsche Eletrkronische Musik Vol.2” but yeah you can’t go wrong with it, really great introduction to Kraut and early electronica and the best tenner i spent whilst down there. Do whatever’s in your power to scope out Ibliss’ 15min stoned flute jam ‘High Life’ Hearing this kinda made me dig the flute a bit…maybe in the future…

Anyhow we’re always on the look out for good record shops whilst on the road, particulary of the independent and 2nd hand variety so hit us up with your suggestions and we will be eternally grateful!

In a bit
J(onny not jude)

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