2009 roundup & what to expect in 2010!

Well as the year draws to a close (and the decade for that matter!) we thought it would be apt to let you all know what’s made 2009 a great one and what we’re looking forward to in 2010…

It’s coming up to a year since our debut gig at the Tiger Lounge for our friends at FictionNonFiction on the 6th of January.
We kept things on the down low for this one but for the 30 or so people there to see all the bands, they all witnessed our birth, taking our first nervous steps as a band into the live sphere. Things have come on since then but we wouldn’t have wanted our debut any other way. Small, intimate, shambolic and among friends.

Since that first fateful evening we’ve grown, moving forward to play with the finest of our peers and influences, including (in no particular order) the likes of Max Tundra, Dutch Uncles, Egyptian Hip Hop, G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y, Desire, The Juan Maclean, The Answering Machine, Chew Lips, The Drums, We Have Band, Marina and the Diamonds, Performance, My Tiger My Timing, Everything Everything…

There’s been a number of gigs, we enjoyed most of them but our highlights were:
1. The Juan Maclean @ The Deaf Institute (MCR)
2. G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y @ The Deaf Institute (MCR)
3. The Drums @ Night and Day IN THE CITY (MCR)
4. We Have Band @ ICA (LONDON)
5. High Voltage headline @ The Deaf Institute (MCR)

A massive thank you to everyone who came down to any of our shows this year we’ve had a good haul of supports (and the occasional headline) and you’ve all helped to make it a great experience for everyone involved.

We’ve also had a fair few remixes done this year. Our good friend Oscar Wildstyle of Modernaire fame managed to squeeze in a remix for us after putting his own spin on the likes of Empire of the Sun & Who Made Who. As a Christmas treat to you all we’re putting this up for limited download. The link’s lasting for 7 days so get it now whilst you can:


So what next? Anyone closely following us may have noticed that ‘My Ways’ and ‘The New You’ are no longer available in our player…

Well! We are very pleased to announce that we took our humble bedroom recordings and sent them off to a pro (one Mr John Poole to be precise) and got him to work his magic over our mixes making them suitable for mass consumption. The new mixes of both tracks sound HUGE and we will be releasing them to the public in both 7” and digital format on February the 8th 2010! Big thanks to HIT CLUB for the physical release and SILVER MUSIC MACHINE for taking on the digital side of things. We’ll have more details on where to get hold of copies nearer the time so keep on checking back for more info.

As if that’s not enough, we’ve already been back in the studio recording the follow-up. The tracks are already sounding great, so really looking forward to getting it all back from the mixdown.

We’re gonna be off touring the UK to promote the single. Gigs are still being added to the final running order but check our main page for the current confirmations. Rest assured there are one or two VERY special suprises that we can’t wait to announce.

Anyhow that’s us for the year, looking forward to kicking back for a few days over Christmas before plotting the finer details of our assault on 2010. For those of you wanting one last show down in 2009 why not join us @ the Ruby Lounge in Manchester for our guest DJ slot to see in the new year, along with the likes of Manchester’s finest including, The Whip, Same Teens, Monday Murkage and a whole heap of great DJs.

As a taster of what to expect here are our top 5 tracks of 2009:

1. Spaghetti Circus – Still Going
2. Kilometer – Sebastien Tellier (Aeroplane Italo ’84 mix)
3 . Happy House – The Juan Maclean
4. In For The Kill – La Roux ( Skream’s Let Get Ravey Remix)
5. Sea Within A Sea – The Horrors

See you soon

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