Tour Pt 1

So far so f***in brilliant! The tour’s been going really well, played to a hot crowd in every city. Thanks a lot to everyone who came down, clapped, cheered danced (sang back to us in some cases!) you’ve all helped make this a great time for all of us. We’re having a little rest up in Manchester to re-charge for our upcoming shows

first up we have

London 15/9/9 ICA which will be our time to say goodbye to We Have Band, who have been most welcoming tour mates and never failed to kill it every night. Its now sold out so if you’ve got a ticket we’ll see you there, its promising to be something quite special!

We’ll have free demo’s and badges to give away on the night but numbers are seriously limited so itll be on a first come first served basis.

Then its back up north

Manchester Friday 18/9/9 Friends Of Mine presents : // Love Like Fire, The Answering Machine’s stateside label mates are coming over for a jaunt around the UK and we’re only too happy to get things warmed up for them at KRO BAR on Friday night(OPPOSITE ACADEMY)

We’ve got a heap of photo’s and (possibly) some video footage of the tour which will be with you once we’re back next week.

Look out for new demo’s coming up. The Hype Machine is already laying host to our new track Carla, log on and show us some love.

Well goodbye for now,

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